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Spring 2023: Technologies of Care & Repair

For Spring 2023, we’ve got a great lineup of workshops planned, all centered on different technologies of care and repair. Whether it is care for our selves, our planet, or one another, we’ll spend time in community this semester thinking through and applying how our maker practices intersect with practices of care and how we […]

Nov 4 & 18: Ready, Set, Scal(e): Writing Through Clicks with Scalar

November 4 and November 18; 12pm – 1pm in ATC 1.801b. Led by ATEC PhD student, Kasif Rahman. Scalar is a free, open-source authoring and publishing platform that facilitates the authors to create long-form, born-digital scholarship using online platform. Because of its flexibility in integrating different kinds of media like texts, images, videos, maps, geolocations, […]

Recap: Oh My Stars! Vedic Astrology

Many thanks to ATEC PhD student Nishanshi Shukla and UTD alum Jayraj Dave for leading our introduction to Vedic Astrology! It was a whirlwind tour through the similarities and differences from western astrology and lots of fun. Thank you so much, Nishanshi and Jayraj! Our workshop leaders also put together a list of resources for […]

October 27, 2022: Oh My Stars! Astrology Here on Campus

Thursday, Oct 27 12pm – 1pm ATC 1.801b Led by Luke Hernandez “So, what does that mean?” Want to talk about astrology? Don’t know too much about astrology? Whether you think you are the perfect Gemini or don’t relate to your sign at all, learn how Astrology can be used as a tool for knowledge, […]

Recap: P3: Poetry, Process, Papercraft

We held our P3: Poetry, Process, Papercraft workshop on Friday, Oct 14, led by ATEC MA student, Karee-Anne Rogers. Below you will find some resources shared during the event. Karee-Anne shared with us experiences of her undergraduate in the social sciences with a minor in creative writing / non-fiction, where poetry was a haven for […]

Oct 20, 2022: Oh My Stars! Vedic Astrology

Thursday, Oct 20 12pm – 1pm ATC 1.801b and Online Led by Nishanshi Shukla & Jayraj Dave The field of vedic astrology is based in the logic of karma and stems from understanding of the mathematical, scientific, behavioral, social and formative impact of the energies of the universal bodies surrounding us according to ancient Indian […]

Recap: Weave Only Just Begun

On September 23 and Oct 7, ATEC PhD candidate Atanur Andic led a workshop on weaving motifs and communication. Tutorials Simple warping for a Rigid Heddle loom The Beginner’s Guide to Rigid Heddle Loom Vocabulary Overshot Weaving Tutorial How To Weave Diamond Twill Two Color Diamond Twill Tutorial Further Resources […]

Oct 14, 2022: P-cubed: Poetry, Process, Papercraft

There are many types of poems ranging from sonnets to haiku to eco poetry and beyond. One such type is concrete poetry, poems that make use of space and shape in addition to language. The legacy of concrete poetry has evolved such that it now also includes forms that combine poetry and physical making processes, […]