Mar 31, 2017: Do Your Own (Solder) Ironing

Line drawing of an Ada Lovelace Portrait, framed by soldering irons

“You can’t get spoiled if you do your own ironing.” – Meryl Streep.

We couldn’t agree more, Ms. Streep. Now if we could just agree on how to pronounce this word.

Long before the debate over jif vs. gif, folks were debating how to pronounce the word “solder.” Forvo, an online pronunciation dictionary, offers multiple versions of each of the English pronunciations, SOULder and SAWder. Though we may be divided by pronunciation, we are united in our desire to learn how to do the thing.

Join the Feminist MakerSpace on Friday, 3/31 12pm – 2pm in ATC 1.906 for an introductory level soldering workshop.

No equipment is necessary, but feel free to bring a soldering iron if you own one. We will be under the tutelage of Jack Doan, a third-year Computer Engineering student who has a passion for building and programming robots. He also enjoys board games, and competing in hackathons. Toby Elery, a Mechanical Engineering student, will assist Jack. Jack and Toby are both affiliated with Dr. Robert Gregg’s LocoLab.