Nov 17 2017: Making Core Memory

Feminist MakerSpace logo, with a woven textile added to Ada's hairpiece

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Nov 17 12pm – 2pm ATC 1.917

Making Core Memory

The UTD Feminist MakerSpace is pleased to announce a workshop led by our ATEC Dean’s Colloquium speaker, Daniela Rosner.

The software code for the Apollo rockets was stored in woven memory, handmade by operators who NASA engineers nicknamed LOLs, short for “Little Old Ladies.” In this workshop we’ll collectively weave ‘core memory’ and contribute to an electric quilt that tells the story of women’s contribution to NASA innovation. We use this moment in engineering history to examine craftwork’s intellectual contribution to innovation — how craftwork becomes hardware manufacturing, and how hardware manufacturing becomes craftwork.


Lunch will be served. Please RSVP by noon on Nov 16 at