Dec 4 2017: Campus Caring

Pretend mail carrier hat sitting on a cutting mat, surrounded by grommets

The Social Practice and Community Engagement (SP&CE) MediaLab presents a limited engagement event:

Campus Caring

Finals got you down? Campus bae not texting you back? Anxiety about global events keeping you awake at night? The holidays stressful AF?

Rabbit, freaking out and holding a plunger

Pause a beat, take a deep breath, and order CARE MAIL!

Cartoon mailbox on pink background; the mail box opens and a heart floats out and up into the sky

On Monday, Dec 4 from 11am – 1pm, our authorized delivery agents will carry packages to six different locations on campus. A limited number of pre-orders are available, with additional inventory available Monday during the event.

Limited Time Offer: Save 100% if you order now!

Beyonce, wearing hello kitty glasses, breaking through a roll of wrapping paper