Jan 26 2018: Docs, Papers, and Scriveners

A Workshop on Tools for Teaching, Research, and writing

Feminist MakerSpace logo, with a woven textile added to Ada's hairpiece

Friday Jan 26, 2018
12pm – 2pm
ATC 1.201
Includes Lunch

This informal workshop seeks to share experiences, frustrations, and tips with the analog and digital tools we use as part of our teaching, research, and writing workflows: note-taking, coding, organizing, brainstorming, outlining, citing, revising, formatting, presenting, sharing, collaborating, etc. Participants are encouraged to discuss the tools that work and do not work for them, as well as to learn about tools to try based on what works for others.

The workshop will foreground discussion of the political and material concerns that affect and shape how we work and what tools we use, as well as how we use them.