Sept 23 & 30, 2022: Weave Only Just Begun

Weaving, as a practice, carries an important cultural and historical significance in the growth of the middle-eastern civilizations. However, beyond the purpose of making fabrics to provide warmth and shelter, weaving is also used as a way to inscribe, translate, and communicate history using the symbolism of motifs. In the first week of this workshop, participants will create their own motifs and start the weaving process by setting the warp on a rigid heddle loom. In the second week, participants will start weaving their motifs onto the warp they created. During these workshops, participants will engage in a shared making process where they deconstruct the principles of making motifs to understand and critically question the importance of having culturally situated communication methods.

12pm – 1pm in ATC 1.801b. In keeping with our emphasis on community and care, face masks are encouraged and appreciated!