Oct 14, 2022: P-cubed: Poetry, Process, Papercraft

There are many types of poems ranging from sonnets to haiku to eco poetry and beyond. One such type is concrete poetry, poems that make use of space and shape in addition to language. The legacy of concrete poetry has evolved such that it now also includes forms that combine poetry and physical making processes, such as making a sculpture or filling in a sidewalk, to tell a story or illuminate some idea. This is reminiscent of various forms of indigenous storytelling by carving into an object, such as a gourd, or inscribing stories into cave walls. In this informal workshop, we’ll transform regular 8’x11’ sheets of colored paper into poetry in the shape of cubes. This workshop will enhance ideas about art and poetry as a 3D and interactive object and inspire makers to look toward unconventional means of poetic creation.

Everyone should bring: an idea for your poem or a copy of a poem you are connected to. We’ll have paper, tape, and glue sticks.

This workshop will be led by ATEC MA with Emerging Media Studies student, Karee-Anne Rogers. October 14, 12pm – 1pm in ATC 1.801b. In keeping with our emphasis on community and care, face masks are encouraged and appreciated!