Nov 4 & 18: Ready, Set, Scal(e): Writing Through Clicks with Scalar

A black and white line drawing of Ada Lovelace, overlaid with the words Feminist Maker Space in a faux-spray paint font.

November 4 and November 18; 12pm – 1pm in ATC 1.801b.

Led by ATEC PhD student, Kasif Rahman.

Scalar is a free, open-source authoring and publishing platform that facilitates the authors to create long-form, born-digital scholarship using online platform. Because of its flexibility in integrating different kinds of media like texts, images, videos, maps, geolocations, weblinks etc., Scalar can be a useful tool for creative writers, teachers, artists, activists, and researchers to create, store, and present their works with minimum technical knowledge. Besides, as Scalar is indexed, it has the potential to be used in Public Humanities projects. This two-part workshop will focus on the basics of Scalar. In doing so the workshop will cover opening a Scalar account, creating a book on Scalar, annotating text, annotating media, using Scalar notes, designing a structured and interconnected story, and informally publishing your work for mass audiences. If you have any work on progress (i.e., short story, article, class lecture, artworks etc.) please bring it to the workshop as we can work together.

You are highly encouraged to bring your own devices (laptop/tablet) to work on.

In-person participation is preferable for this event, but if you need a TEAMS option, please register here.