Dec 2, 2022: #BakeYourResearch Cookie Decorating and Bake-off

A black and white line drawing of Ada Lovelace, overlaid with the words Feminist Maker Space in a faux-spray paint font.

Dec 2, 2022

12pm – 2pm

ATC 1.801b

Led by Josef Nguyen and Kim Knight

To celebrate the end of the term and in anticipation of the winter holidays, we are offering a Feminist Maker Space workshop that is 50% skills demo, 50% sharing baked goods, and 100% focused on our community of care. Picture the educational and communal elements of GBBO, without the competition. We’ll start with “the technical,” demonstrating two sugar cookie decorating approaches: projection tracing; and brushed embroidery. We will have cookies and icing for participants to try their hand at both styles. Then, we will finish the event with a celebration of AHT Research, with a #BakeYourResearch session.

#BakeYourResearch is a hashtag that documents researchers using baked goods to demonstrate their research to non-specialist audiences. For our event, we are asking participants to choose a concept or idea that has been important to their work and create a bake that conveys that. Bakers will present their bakes and then we’ll all enjoy. If you can’t, or don’t want to #BakeYourResearch, you are still welcome to join the event.

To allow us to prepare enough supplies for all participants, please RSVP here by Tue, Nov 29: