Recap: (R)Aging Like Fine (T)Wine: A workshop on Interactive Storytelling

Many thanks to ATEC PhD candidate, Mohammed Mizanur Rashid for leading us in an intro to Twine workshop today. Rashid showed us multiple exciting examples of branching narratives and took us through the basics of story models, nodes, and building bridges between them.

Rashid created a resources handout with links available here, or as a downloadable pdf below.

Twine Download Link –

Examples of Twine

Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha by Porpentine:

Dilating Destiny by Micha Cárdenas:

Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey, and Isaac Schankler:

Further Resources

A Total Beginner’s Guide to Twine by Adam Hammond –

Creating Interactive Fiction: A Guide to Using Twine by Aidan Doyle in Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association –

A Quick Twine Tutorial by Allison Parrish – The Twine Cookbook –