Mar 24: Remake-It-Yourself: A DIY Workshop on Tie-Dye and Upcycling

Remake-It-Yourself: A DIY Workshop on Tie-Dye and Upcycling

Friday, March 24

12pm – 2pm ATC 1.801b

Led by Nusrat Chowdhury, Fiona Haborak, and Nishanshi Shukla

Have a shirt you refuse to let go of? Thrifted a shirt, but are unsure of what to do with it? Bring your tees to the Feminist Maker Space Workshop to find out ways to transform your thrift finds or old, stained, faded tees. In the spirit of the do-it-yourself (DIY) ethos, this workshop instead aspires to do-it together (DIT) where you will learn how to transform a well-loved t-shirt. In this workshop, you will learn how to convert t-shirts into pillows (the no-sew way or with a needle and thread!) and how to tie-dye some alluring shades and patterns. Here you’ll learn how a t-shirt operates as a sign of protest, an emblem for queer identity, and the benefits of recycling and repurposing that fabric.

For this workshop, bring two t-shirts (preferably one lightly colored — e.g. white, off-white, sky blue, light pink, etc. — plain t-shirt, and the other shirt can be anything you so desire). We’ll provide scissors, dye, and all that you may need to love something old a little harder by giving it a second chance.

Space is limited. Use this form to indicate your interest in attending. Registration will be confirmed via email by end of Mar 22.