Apr 14: Caring for the Masses: Scalar as Generative Platform

Friday, April 14

12pm – 2pm

Led by ATEC PhD Student, Kasif Rahman

Scalar is a free, open-source authoring and publishing platform that facilitates long-form, born-digital scholarship. Because of its flexibility in integrating different kinds of media like texts, images, videos, maps, geolocations, weblinks etc., Scalar can be a useful tool for creative writers, teachers, artists, activists, and researchers to create, store, and present their works with minimum technical knowledge.

This workshop will focus on the basics of Scalar, followed by an opportunity to talk about how to create a multi-modal archive where public engagement and interactivity are keys to think about the projects on care. If you have any work on progress (i.e., short story, article, class lecture, artworks etc.) please bring it to the workshop as we can work together.

As a preparation for the workshop, please open a Scalar account by Thursday, March 30 is encouraged. You can visit the Scalar website for creating an account: https://scalar.usc.edu/works/system/register. As Scalar requires a registration key, I would recommend completing this form (https://scalar.usc.edu/register/scalar-regkey) to get a registration key beforehand. You are highly encouraged to bring your own devices (laptop/ tab) on the workshop day.