Oct 20, 2022: Oh My Stars! Vedic Astrology

Thursday, Oct 20

12pm – 1pm ATC 1.801b and Online

Led by Nishanshi Shukla & Jayraj Dave

The field of vedic astrology is based in the logic of karma and stems from understanding of the mathematical, scientific, behavioral, social and formative impact of the energies of the universal bodies surrounding us according to ancient Indian texts. This workshop draws on basic elements of Vedic Astrology like making a birth chart and identifying one’s sun sign, moon sign, nakshatra, and ascendant while discussing what it means and how it matters. It aims to decolonize the public understanding of astrology and critically examine various complex societal divides surrounding astrology at various global (west v/s east) and local (caste system within India) levels.

We request the participants to come prepared with the knowledge of their birth date (mm/dd/yyyy), birth time (hh:mm) and birth place in order to work on their birth charts.

Nishanshi Shukla is an ATEC PhD candidate. Jayraj Dave is a UTD alumni, who currently works at Amazon in the domain of Cloud Security. He has been learning and practicing Vedic Astrology fitfully for about a decade. Apart from the technical aspects of Astrology, he has also been researching its sociological, philosophical, scientific, and spiritual aspects

To register for the MS TEAMS section of this workshop, visit https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/HR0ojU2c90uxbgMtFd6fbA,Ek7Pw1yho0-U-e0SItBNtw,8AWys2yBXUOzcQJYXBUcng,6rFpcw4x5k-BapSg7eKvdA,wc4m6CPvO0WL7XkVKHz84Q,JLF5JrwMykyONxK6hrxSLQ?mode=read&tenantId=8d281d1d-9c4d-4bf7-b16e-032d15de9f6c