October 27, 2022: Oh My Stars! Astrology Here on Campus

Thursday, Oct 27 12pm – 1pm ATC 1.801b Led by Luke Hernandez “So, what does that mean?” Want to talk about astrology? Don’t know too much about astrology? Whether you think you are the perfect Gemini or don’t relate to your sign at all, learn how Astrology can be used as a tool for knowledge, […]

Oct 20, 2022: Oh My Stars! Vedic Astrology

Thursday, Oct 20 12pm – 1pm ATC 1.801b and Online Led by Nishanshi Shukla & Jayraj Dave The field of vedic astrology is based in the logic of karma and stems from understanding of the mathematical, scientific, behavioral, social and formative impact of the energies of the universal bodies surrounding us according to ancient Indian […]