October 27, 2022: Oh My Stars! Astrology Here on Campus

A black and white line drawing of Ada Lovelace, overlaid with the words Feminist Maker Space in a faux-spray paint font.

Thursday, Oct 27

12pm – 1pm

ATC 1.801b

Led by Luke Hernandez

“So, what does that mean?” Want to talk about astrology? Don’t know too much about astrology? Whether you think you are the perfect Gemini or don’t relate to your sign at all, learn how Astrology can be used as a tool for knowledge, community making, and self reflection in this fun workshop!

The Feminist Maker Space is committed to creating an inclusive creative space in which maker culture is situated in relation to a long and diverse history of craft and communal work. We are additionally committed to learning from the past and from one another. Our theme for Fall 2022 is “technologies of knowing.” Join us as we explore different ways to create and disseminate knowledge – through our bodies, words, the stars, and more.

In keeping with our focus on community and care, face masks are encouraged and appreciated!