Recap: P3: Poetry, Process, Papercraft

We held our P3: Poetry, Process, Papercraft workshop on Friday, Oct 14, led by ATEC MA student, Karee-Anne Rogers. Below you will find some resources shared during the event. Karee-Anne shared with us experiences of her undergraduate in the social sciences with a minor in creative writing / non-fiction, where poetry was a haven for […]

A black and white line drawing of Ada Lovelace, overlaid with the words Feminist Maker Space in a faux-spray paint font.

Oct 20, 2022: Oh My Stars! Vedic Astrology

Thursday, Oct 20 12pm – 1pm ATC 1.801b and Online Led by Nishanshi Shukla & Jayraj Dave The field of vedic astrology is based in the logic of karma and stems from understanding of the mathematical, scientific, behavioral, social and formative impact of the energies of the universal bodies surrounding us according to ancient Indian […]

Hands guide the shuttle through the warp of the heddle loom

Recap: Weave Only Just Begun

On September 23 and Oct 7, ATEC PhD candidate Atanur Andic led a workshop on weaving motifs and communication. Tutorials Simple warping for a Rigid Heddle loom The Beginner’s Guide to Rigid Heddle Loom Vocabulary Overshot Weaving Tutorial How To Weave Diamond Twill Two Color Diamond Twill Tutorial Further Resources […]

A black and white line drawing of Ada Lovelace, overlaid with the words Feminist Maker Space in a faux-spray paint font.

Oct 14, 2022: P-cubed: Poetry, Process, Papercraft

There are many types of poems ranging from sonnets to haiku to eco poetry and beyond. One such type is concrete poetry, poems that make use of space and shape in addition to language. The legacy of concrete poetry has evolved such that it now also includes forms that combine poetry and physical making processes, […]

Recap: Causing a Zine, The Sequel

On Sept 16, 2022 Kim Knight led a workshop on academic zine making. Participants gathered with tape, glue sticks, scissors, and their creativity to construct zines for the 3rd floor Little Free Zine Library in the Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building. Scans of the zines are coming soon, but for now we’ve got a […]

Sept 23 & 30, 2022: Weave Only Just Begun

Weaving, as a practice, carries an important cultural and historical significance in the growth of the middle-eastern civilizations. However, beyond the purpose of making fabrics to provide warmth and shelter, weaving is also used as a way to inscribe, translate, and communicate history using the symbolism of motifs. In the first week of this workshop, […]

Fall 2022: Technologies of Knowing

For Fall 2022, we’ve got a great lineup of workshops planned, all centered on different technologies of knowing. Whether it is through our bodies, our words, the stars, or something else entirely, we’ll spend time in community this semester thinking through and practicing knowledge production and dissemination.

Sept 16, 2022: Causing a Zine, the Sequel

Zines have long been used by feminist networks as a tool for communicating within counterpublics. In this informal workshop we’ll transform papers, CVs, journal articles, academic brochures, or whatever content you’d like, into zines. The workshop will foreground discussion of the political and material concerns that affect authors and audiences in academic publishing. Everyone should […]

Mar 30 2021: Pop-Up & Pop Off

Pop-Up & Pop Off: Papercraft Workshop Led by Dr. Josef Nguyen Tuesday, March 30, 202111am – 12:30pmMicrosoft Teams Registration Here! As part of ATEC’s Spring 2021 student engagement efforts, join the Feminist Maker Space as we experiment with papercraft. Josef Nguyen will lead us as we use cardstock, glue, and other materials to create pop-up […]